Seitan, Say What?

The most common question I get about plant-based diets is "but where can I get my protein?" When ditching meat or animal products all-together, it is important to get aquatinted with the array of plant-based proteins out there. While I dabbled with tofu and veggie burgers in my pre-vegan days, it wasn't until going fully plant-based that I discovered seitan, and so glad I did! Seitan is pretty abundant in the vegan culinary world, but is lesser known to the general public. So what is this stuff?

Seitan (pronounced "say-tan") is a high-protein food made from gluten, one of the main proteins in wheat. It is fittingly referred to as "wheat meat". Seitan is extremely versatile and can be used to replace meat in just about any dish. You can slice it for sandwiches or dice it up for a stir fry, the options are endless. It has a firm, chewy texture and is a great option to add variety into a plant-based diet. At about 100 calories and 20g protein per 3oz. serving and with almost no fat (and no cholesterol), seitan packs a lot of protein without many undesirable extras. Consider adding seitan into your plant-based protein repertoire.

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