Traveling on a Plant-Based Diet

One of the best parts of traveling is having the chance to experience other cultures through their food. Plant-based eaters, though, may wonder if there will be enough options to stay satisfied in unfamiliar territory. In order to have the energy to explore all the sights on your trip, staying adequately fueled is key. With some planning ahead and use of helpful resources, traveling as a plant-based eater can be a breeze.

Dining Out

Happy Cow's website is a game changer when it comes to finding veg-friendly restaurants, whether across town or on the other side of the globe. It has an extensive list of restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options worldwide. Check it out at


For long flights where meals are provided, check with your airline in advance-they likely have vegetarian and vegan meal options available at no extra charge. In-flight meals tend to be akin to a pretty basic TV dinner and the veg options are no exception, but it's nice to have something more substantial while en route to keep hunger at bay.


Some cruises will of course be more veg-friendly than others, but check with your cruise line in advance of the trip to inquire regarding plant-based dining options. I recently took a Greek island cruise which had both buffet and à la carte meal service. The salad bar was extensive and had plenty of beans and nuts/seeds to pile on my greens for a filing salad. While the hot food at the buffet was hit or miss for vegan options, I could always request an alternative hot dish like pasta or an Indian style meal. If you're traveling by sea, just inform the ship's Maître D' of your needs for a smooth dining experience.


It's nice to pack some snacks while traveling to have a source of fuel handy while you're on the go. Look for non-perishable options like granola bars, nuts and vegan jerky. I brought along some Primal Strips brand vegan jerky on a recent trip as a savory snack. I prefer the texture of this shiitake mushroom-based jerky over some of the others I've tried.

Speak Up

If you're dining at a resort or taking up your hotel on their free breakfast offerings, just because a food isn't in plain sight doesn't mean it's not available-don't be afraid to ask, especially if it's a simple item. I've encountered many times at breakfast buffets that soymilk is not kept out, but upon request it has been available 100% of the time in various settings (resorts, hotels, and cruises in several countries). Bananas are a favorite of mine in the morning when at home or abroad. If you don't see your fruit of choice in the fruit bowl, another guest may have just taken the last one so don't hesitate to ask.

Happy traveling!

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