Cooking with Fresh Herbs

Images from left to right: burrito bowl with cilantro, salad with dill and hemp seed ranch dressing, tofu dressed in lemon dill sauce, pasta with walnut pesto, parsley salad

I am on a constant quest to expand my culinary repertoire. Experimenting with the use of fresh herbs has lead to a reinvention of some of my staple dishes. There are countless herbs that lend themselves well to dishes both hot and cold: parsley, rosemary, cilantro, dill, thyme, and basil, just to name a few. Herbs can make a great base to a sauce or even act as the main ingredient in a salad. Integrating fresh herbs into your cooking can elevate the flavor of a dish and add more variety into your diet.

Featured Herbs

Cilantro goes especially well in Mexican and Thai dishes. Add some chopped cilantro into a burrito bowl or into a noodle dish with peanut sauce.

Parsley is often placed on the side of the plate at restaurants as a garnish, but in dishes such as tabouli it takes center stage. It can even be used instead of lettuce or other more common greens to add new flavor and texture to your salad routine.

Basil pairs nicely with Italian dishes. It makes a great base for homemade pesto sauce. Or consider adding chopped basil into coconut curry to add another dimension of flavor..

Dill is perhaps best known for its common role in potato salads. It can also be uses to flavor homemade salad dressings or as the base to a sauce to dress tofu or other proteins.

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